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VoIP Generations

Since VoIP has been introduced to the market for a while, improvements for the device have been increasing as well. Others try to remove features that are not usually used. Some VoIP only allow you to call someone who has the same services as you are which is rather inconvenient. However, some VoIPtones can be used to call anyone with a phone number, whether it is local or overseas. Some services only work on your desktop or your phones, others only work on certain special VoIP enabled phones, and there are others that you could connect in your usual phone by just placing an adapter.


Up to this day, there are three generations created for VoIP users. These are the following:

·         First Generation – this VoIP generation offers technical services and business models almost the same as the structure and features of a usual telephone. Since this is the first one, there are not a lot of features that could make it distinguishable from the normal phones

·         Second Generation – the improved VoIP services include Skype or Facebook calls, and even on Whatsapp call. They provide a closed network for users and now it has the capacity of calling for free in same service provider and charges for those calls to other networks. With this improvement, it is both positive and negative at the same time. Yes, you have now the access to other networks however, you are charge for it, making it a little impractical and constraining you to add other networks for your convenience                                                                        

·         Third Generation – Of course, the third generation would make the solutions from the second one. They already adopted the technology of VoIP, using the internet instead of local cables. With the additional feature, people with VoIP can now call anyone anywhere without any additional charges because it only uses internet